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 Rotating brushes - standard 6 points axis

Rotating brushes 10 cm wide. They facilitate the work of regular job for brushing your ski soles.

brosse rotative
Nylon medium
for brush CH, LF, HF hard waxes and also cera max

Natural Hair
for brush cera Max

 Axis for rotating brushes
axe 6 pans pour brosse rotative
Axis 6 points for 10 cm wide brushes
 Manual Brushes flat - nylon and natural hair
brosses manuelles Nylon medium
for brush CH, LF, HF hard waxes

Natural Hair
for finishing brushing of CH,LF, HF hard waxes and also cera max.

 Manual Brushe mixed Nylon Hard + Bronze
brosse manuelle mixte nylon/laiton
Nylon hard side
Rough-hew the hard waxes brushing

Bronze side
In order to clear microstructures before waxing
 Plexi scraper 12 cm x 6 cm x 4 mm
racle plexi
 Technical fibers
fibres techniques
Corindon ultra fin
to revive microstructures ski soles

Synthetique wool
for polish or apply cera max liquid
Waxing Iron 220 V/AC
fer a farter Waxing Iron
for apply all hard waxes and cera max racing finish products
thermo gourde

Thermo bag
1 liter capacity, with large top pocket